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Xanax Bars For Sale Cheap See³ Technologies has developed a solution to the seafood industries most significant and expensive problem, the way in which live product is held, conditioned and transported.

Yellow Xanax Bars Online See³ Technologies has developed the Active Water and Seafood Management (AWSM) system, a method of Buy Xanax Philippines conditioning, holding and transporting live seafood that maximises the welfare and minimises the stress responses of live seafood.

The Active Water and Seafood Management (AWSM) system removes the barrier of distance and time, holds and transports species in premium condition and can be used to increase the supply of live and quality seafood.

  • The AWSM system measures, controls and manipulates water qualities and environmental conditions to maximise the welfare and quality of live seafood.
  • The AWSM system minimises the stress, disease and mortality of live seafood when it is held or transported in closed systems (tanks, wells, pools etc).
  • The AWSM system is fully automated and can be fitted to new or existing tanks used to hold or transport live seafood.
  • The AWSM system is coordinated by a central computer that receives and stores information from a series of sensors that continuously monitor water qualities and environmental conditions critical to the welfare of live seafood.
  • The AWSM system’s central computer controls the system’s hardware (compressors, dosage pumps, filtration systems, etc) so the water and environmental conditions that maximise the welfare and quality of individual species are delivered. Capture of AWSM

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  • The AWSM system is computer controlled and processes and records real time information collected by sensors that continuously monitor the qualities of water holding smolt and fingerlings.
  • The AWSM system’s central computer also processes See³ Technologies’ proprietary software, held in a sealed See³ Technologies’ branded,Emerson manufactured control box.
  • Among other things, this software holds information on the water qualities required to maximise the welfare of smolt and fingerlings.
  • The central computer of the AWSM system compares the actual (real time) condition of tank water containing smolt and fingerlings to the target water conditions held in the control box.
  • The computer then controls the individual components of the AWSM system, including compressors, dosage pumps and filtration systems, so the desired outcomes are achieved and the welfare of smolt and fingerlings is maximised. The target water conditions for transfers, held in the See³ Technologies proprietary software, can be amended at anytime via the internet or directly by keyboard. The AWSM system can take into account the expected length of trips to allow smolt and fingerlings the best chance of acclimatisation. For example the AWSM system can introduce salt to the tank water used for smolt transfers, decrease or increase its temperature, and control PH, taking into account the expected length of transfers, therefore allowing the maximum time for juvenile fish to be acclimatised.

On arrival at sea based farms, the hatchery water containing smolt and fingerlings will have been conditioned by the AWSM system so it has similar qualities (temperature, salinity, PH, hardness, etc) to the salt water where the fish are being transferred. This will reduce stress, disease and mortality and increase post transfer growth rates.

Buy Xanax Nyc Other benefits of the AWSM system include:

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  1. Individual water qualities are recorded and logged over time;
  2. Real time data on water qualities can be retrieved via the internet;
  3. The AWSM system’s filtration systems ensure wastes are removed from water;
  4. The AWSM system has back-up systems of critical components;
  5. Alarms and warnings can be sounded and sent via the internet to phones and computers when critical
  6. incidents take place; and
  7. Cameras can be fitted to tanks and vision can be streamed allowing smolt and fingerlings to be viewed. In Tasmania, as in the remainder of the world, there is an ever increasing focus on practices that reduce the stress suffered by live seafood and maximise their welfare. Consumers in many markets already pay a premium for product that has been handled in a way that reduces their stress and maximises their welfare. This will become the norm across global seafood markets, and the Active Water and Seafood Management (AWSM) system will be considered world’s best practice in holding, transporting and conditioning live seafood.

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