Benefits of the AWSM system when it is used to research, hold and transport live seafood.
  • Operates in real time and is species specific.
  • Delivers the water and environmental conditions that maximises the welfare and quality, and minimises stress, disease and mortality of species of live seafood.
  • Can be used to condition juvenile species for expected changes in water and environmental conditions, reducing sickness, disease and mortalities and increasing post transfer growth rates.
  • Allows long haul transport of market size live seafood while keeping it in premium condition. This will open new markets and allow cost effective processing.
  • The AWSM system’s software can control multiple tanks holding different species of live seafood. The AWSM system delivers to each tank, the water and environmental conditions, that maximise the welfare and quality of the individual species that it holds.
  • Allows unparalleled real time monitoring and records all fluctuations of critical water and environmental conditions.
  • Tanks fitted with the AWSM system are designed for easy loading on and off flat ray trucks, trains and ships. Can be used for both short and long haul routes.

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